Google users search more, very loyal: comScore

Search market leader Google Inc holds greater loyalty among its users, who conduct more searches a month than those on Yahoo! and Microsoft, new data issued on Friday showed, posing a challenge for the new team of rivals to Google. Read Full Article here.

U.S. business welcomes Obama export control review

U.S. high-technology exporters on Friday welcomed President Barack Obama's decision to undertake a comprehensive review of U.S. export controls rooted in Cold War fears of the former Soviet Union. Read Full Article here.

U.S. tests technology to break foreign Web censorship

The U.S. government is covertly testing technology in China and Iran that lets residents break through screens set up by their governments to limit access to news on the Internet. Read Full Article here.

Deadline for U.S. broadband grants, loans extended

The deadline for online applications for the first round of the U.S. government's $7.2 billion program to provide broadband access to all Americans was extended to August 20 from August 14 because of technical problems caused by the high number of applicants. Read Full Article here.

U.S. video game sales down 29 percent in July: report

U.S. video game equipment and software sales fell 29 percent in July to $848.9 million, research group NPD said on Thursday, as the gaming industry limps through the economic downturn. Read Full Article here.