DaimlerChrysler, the third largest U.S. car manufacturer, said on Tuesday that it would retain its employee discount offer in a bid to boost declining sales.

Originally the program had been scheduled to end in July. However the incentives were extended as new figures showed the Germany-based car maker’s American Chrysler division was posting a decline in automobile sales with truck sales down 6.3 percent.

Sales of Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge brands fell to 150,349 from 240,146 a year earlier. Mercedes cars and truck sales rose to 21,591 from 20,791.

A decline in light truck sales hurt Chrysler disproportionately as suchmodels were among the most profitable for the company, constituting a significant part of its total production.

The one-month extension of the employee’s discount would allow the company “To continue to have a competitive program in the marketplace,'' Chrysler spokesman Kevin McCormack said. The incentives also include a choice of rebates or low-interest loans.