It appears trouble is brewing in the Fanning family. If rumors are to be believed, 19-year-old actress Dakota Fanning and her sister, fellow movie star, Elle Fanning, 14, are growing apart.

According to a report from RadarOnline Wednesday, the duo, despite both gaining fame for their roles in blockbuster films such as Dakota's "War of the Worlds" and Elle's " Super 8," are distancing themselves from each other due to their difference of opinion on living the Hollywood lifestyle.

"The celebrity siblings, who rarely appear in public together and who live on different coasts, have been growing apart and creating their own identities and goals," reads the report.

According to an insider close to the sibling duo, Elle has been calling Los Angeles home, while Dakota, who started attending New York University in 2011, has been "living off her fortune she made as a child actor" in New York. "They have something of a peace treaty in the sense that Elle gets L.A. to herself," said the source.

Reportedly, Elle, who most recently filmed in the Angelina Jolie flick "Maleficent," (due in theaters this May) is working hard to "chase every big job under the sun." According to the insider's account, Dakota has a compeltely different mindset and would allegedly "quit acting to start a band at the drop of a hat." 

"Dakota is completely unimpressed with the red carpet culture in Hollywood, while Elle totally worships it," said the source.

While the famous family has yet to comment on the feuding rumors, Elle previously dished about her struggles with sisterhood during a 2011 interview with W magazine. "She is a nice older sister. But it's not like we always get along," said the teen, adding that her sibling's move to New York felt final. "It's really strange. It's sort of like she's off making a movie, but this time she's not coming back," said Elle.