Dallas Mavericks fans celebrated their franchise's first ever NBA Title with a parade through the city of Dallas on Thursday.  Prior to the parade, the crowds were expected to be on the order of 250,000, though it was difficult for officials to estimate the actual number.

The Boston Bruins, who just won the Stanley Cup finals last night over the Vancouver Canucks, will be hosting their parade on Saturday.  Bruins fans have been waiting 39 years since their last Stanley Cup to celebrate with a parade. 

Boston city officials have not commented yet on how many they expect to be at the parade. 

However, an estimated 3.2 million people attended the Boston Red Sox parade in 2004, who packed a 7-mile route to see their favorite players.

At the time, the Red Sox endured an 86 year wait since their last World Series win. 

In fact, the year was momentous for Boston because the New England Patriots had also won the Super Bowl earlier that year. 

The enormous 2004 figure alone would make one think that Boston would draw more than Dallas for their respective parades.

However, the metropolitan population of Dallas is 6.5 million compared to Boston at 4.5 million.

In addition, basketball is a much more popular sport than Hockey in the U.S.  Boston also has the Celtics which recently won a championship in 2008 and drew 1 million during that parade. 

This year, the Boston Bruins will be holding their parade on a Saturday, which should draw more spectators. 

Will the Boston Bruins parade be bigger than the Dallas Mavericks parade?