Dallas area news organizations and residents used their cameras to capture images of hail, lightning storms, funnel clouds and tornado sirens as the city and surrounding counties were put on a Tornado watch.

Youtube user callenbest captured images of Rangers Stadium, which was evacuated as hail began falling. The baseball game being played resumed after a long delay

Among the images, user Michael Brylinski captured images of a funnel cloud in his neighborhood.

“The entire Dallas Fort Worth area is being pounded,” he wrote in a note accompanying the video.

The accompanying lightning storm was captured by user jmcarter32 on from the roof of an apartment complex in downtown Dallas.

“I feel like I’m going to blow away,” one unidentified person says as the video captures the sounds of gusty winds when suddenly, lightning strikes near the building.

“I’m like shaking right now,” the person says.

“As you can see, it’s really bad,” says user Sarah Abdulmalek. “It’s getting worse by the moment.”

Far in the distance, are funnel clouds amid a darkened sky. In an earlier video Abdulmalek recorded the sounds of tornado sirens echoing throughout the downtown area.

Video by callenbest

Video by Michaelbrylinski

Video by jmcarter32

Video by SarahAbdulmalek

Video by SarahAbdulmalek