Did you miss the “Dance Moms” Season 4 reunion show Tuesday night? The one-hour Lifetime special, titled “Seeing Red,” rehashed some of the season’s most memorable moments with the help of ALDC coach Abby Lee Miller and several of the show’s star dance moms. For those who didn't catch the drama-filled reunion, here is a recap of six of the most OMG moments:

Abby vs. Christi

Miller and fellow “Dance Moms” star Christi Lukasiak have never really gotten along, and Tuesday night’s reunion special was no exception. “I don’t really care. I don’t want to speak about Christi; it’s just exhausting,” Miller said when asked if her relationship with her co-star had improved over the past season for the sake of her student and Lukasiak's daughter, Chloe, 12. “She doesn’t care about Chloe. She has made that perfectly clear since day one,” Lukasiak said. “Everyone in America sees how you treat that kid!” added the dance mom, who soon after stormed off the stage.

Abby Slams Kelly Hyland

Following her November 2013 dismissal from the reality series, Kelly Hyland was not at the reunion to defend herself, but that didn’t stop Miller from dishing about their televised brawl. “I didn’t sign up to be physically hit,” Miller said. “That’s not why I am here and that’s not what I’m about and I will scream and yell. And can I be hurt? Yes. Can I be sharp? Yes. Is my tongue sometimes tainted? Absolutely, and I take full credit for that, [but] when you touch somebody, that’s a whole different story.”

Moms Accuse Maddie of Lying

While the moms have long accused dance mom Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni of lying to get her kids ahead in the world of dance, some of the show’s stars are now going after her 11-year-old daughter, Maddie Ziegler, accusing her of lying about a secretly entered routine in Season 4.

“When Paige and Chloe had a duet in New York, they brought Kalani secretly to come to New York to compete with Maddie. The problem was the lies,” Lukasiak said. “Chloe had said to Maddie, ‘Are you doing your duet?’ and Maddie said, ‘No’… They’re teaching Maddie to lie, and that is a shame because she is a good kid,” she said.

Despite Ziegler-Gisoni denying her daughter knew about the competition number, fellow “Dance Moms” star Jill Vertes backed up Lukasiak’s claims. “But here’s the thing. Maddie knew. I think she knew. I think Abby you ... have allowed her to not tell,” Vertes said.

Holly Defends Nia

While discussing an episode when 12-year-old dancer Nia Frazier was pulled from the group’s number "Bollywood & Vine" in favor of attending to her solo, dance mom Holly Frazier went on the attack. “Why does Nia have to have either or? Why is Nia either or? A solo or a group? Who else gets either or? No other child in this team has to have either or. It's outrageous!” Frazier said, going on to call Miller insane. “I wanted her to concentrate on the solo. I wanted her to succeed,” Miller said. “Not everybody is always going to be in the group. That’s it!”

Abby & Cathy Sling Insults

Miller and her longtime enemy, Cathy Nesbitt-Stein of Candy Apples Dance Center, went at it again Tuesday night. When prompted to discuss her multiple wins against Stein’s Ohio dance company, Miller slammed the Midwestern coach's teaching and choreography skills. “She just not really talented,” Miller said. “She has been so just pompous and she’s like the candy apple that turned into the prissy prune. She’s just ew.” Stein’s response? Not surprisingly, she has similar feelings about Miller. “I think Abby’s a joke. I think she’s a joke. She wins, yes, but I feel that Abby’s choreography is just extremely elementary,” Stein said.

Brooke and Paige's Replacement

If the moms' hearsay is to be believed, the newest ALDC member, Kalani Hilliker, 13, was always destined to take the place of former dancers Brooke and Paige Hyland. While Kalani’s mother, Kira Girard, claims her sudden appearance on the show on Season 4 had nothing to do with Hyland’s blowout brawl with Miller and the subsequent dismissal of her two daughters from the team, other moms saw it differently. “It was the catalyst to get rid of Kelly and bring Kalani, which Abby said was her goal from day one,” Lukasiak said. “All of a sudden, she got rid of Brooke and Paige and she brought on Kalani and she was as pleased as a pig in mud.”