“Dance Moms” ended less than one week ago but Abby Lee Miller won’t be gone for long! Lifetime premieres Season 7 of its hit series on Tuesday, and it appears the ALDC students are in for a major shakeup.

After leaving their longtime coach in favor of a new teacher in the Season 6 finale, Abby will plead with her former students and their mothers to hear her out in Season 7, episode 1. The synopsis for “Fight for Your Life” reveals Abby “invites the junior-elite team’s moms to visit hear ALDC to hear a major announcement” after an eight-week break. 

While the minis will be let go by producers later in the season, it doesn’t appear Abby’s premiere announcement will pertain to their leave. One “Dance Moms” spoiler site reports the elites and minis performed a dual group number at Sheer Talent in Las Vegas on Sept. 10. Their jazz routine “Fight Camp” is said to have placed first in the pre-teen division.

Elsewhere at the completion Kendall Vertes reportedly took home third in the teen division for her contemporary piece, “Cleopatra.” Brynn Rumfallo won it all with her lyrical number “Evita,” taking home first in the teen division and the first-place overall high score.

While Lifetime isn’t releasing too many details about the premiere episode, the network’s trailer for Season 7 reveals there are big things ahead! Several sequences from the promo confirm the return of nemesis Cathy Nesbitt Stein and her Candy Apples. Clips also tease the introduction of new elite team members, upcoming mom drama and the ALDC studio’s buzzed-about creepy clown routine.

Catch the Season 7 premiere of “Dance Moms” on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.