The last viewers saw Abby Lee Miller the elite team mothers told her if she didn’t want to teach their daughters anymore, she only need to say the word. Well, the promo for next week’s “Dance Moms” looks like she’s made her decision

“Is this the end of the road for me? Is this the end of the road for all of you?” Abby asks her students in pyramid while seemingly assigning the elite girls their weekly group dance, “End of the Road.” According to Lifetime’s synopsis for Season 6, episode 27, Abby will “continue to favor the minis,” leaving her older students to choreograph their own group number for the second week in a row. 

With Abby’s time and attention continuing to be dedicated to her mini team, the moms’ feud will only intensify. Fresh off their their physical altercation in episode 26, the promo for “Mini Mayhem” shows Kira Girard telling newcomer Stacey Ketchman to “get her money back” for her medical school training during a new argument. Jill Vertes adds to the tension by telling the mini moms to “get out.”

Despite the hostility in studio, it doesn’t appear Abby will do her part to lessen the drama between the two groups. After pairing up two minis and two elites for a duet battle, the preview shows her announcing at the competition that one dancer from highest-placing duet will earn the first solo of the season. “It should clearly go to one of the junior kids,” Kira remarks, and Holly Frazier agrees.

While Abby’s elites were able to choreograph and pull out a win without their teacher’s help last week, they were not as successful during episode 27’s competition. One “Dance Moms” spoiler site reports their “Wizard of Oz” inspired number placed second in the teen division and fifth overall at Innovation Dance Competition in Oxnard, California, on May 14. The minis, however, were a big hit. Their acrobatic mime number pulled in first in the younger age division.

As for the duets, it was JoJo Siwa and Elliana Walmsley who wowed the judges. Their comical open dance “Fan Favorite” took home first (watch a sneak-peek here!), while Brynn Rumfallo and Lilliana Ketchman’s open duet took second-place.

Catch the next installment of “Dance Moms” Tuesday, Oct. 4, at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.