It will be far from a “picnic in the park” for Abby Lee Miller on the next “Dance Moms.” After the ALDC coach attempted to have a moment of peace on Tuesday’s episode amid her legal troubles, the next Season 6B installment will turn everything on its head.

Episode 31 of the Lifetime series will see Abby brawl with her elite moms in “Float Like a Butterfly, String Like Ab-bee.” A disagreement over choreography for the elite team’s weekly group routine will cause the disruption among the team.

Lifetime’s promo for the new installment shows Abby informing the elites that two ALDC LA students will be dancing with them at the weekly competition following JoJo Siwa’s leave. Abby also tells her older pupils they will be filming a commercial.

Following their second-place win in episode 30, the elites hope to “redeem themselves,” the synopsis shares. Their mom’s decision to interfere, however, is what sets up the firestorm with their daughters’ coach. “The elite moms take control of the choreography,” the synopsis reveals. “Leading to a huge conflict with Abby.”

A scene from Tuesday’s promo shows Kira arguing with Abby backstage at the competition. “Do not turn this on us. Do not!” she yells. Abby goes on to accuse the mothers of not wanting the other students in their daughters’ number, but Kira tells her not to pass blame.

“This is your fault,” Kira says. “They’re not doing the crappy dance they were given.”

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Unfortunately for the elites, the mom drama won't be their only let-down of the week. One “Dance Moms” spoiler site reports the girls failed to earn an overall win with their hip-hop group routine, “The Champ,” at New York Dance Experience in Upland, California, on June 12. Their dance is said to have used the same choreography from the commercial they shot the previous day.

The mini team, however, pulled out their second consecutive win. According to the site’s findings, the minis earned the top overall score in their division for “Cast the First Stone,” a contemporary piece.

“Dance Moms” Season 6, episode 31 airs Tuesday, Nov. 2, at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.