Abby Lee Miller received some big news on Tuesday’s “Dance Moms” when her student Kendall Vertes decided to end their professional partnership. Ahead of the weekly pyramid in “Abby, You’re Fired,” Jill Vertes announced to Lifetime’s cameras she sent Abby a letter requesting to dissolve their business relationship when it comes to her daughter Kendall’s music career.

“We’ve been unhappy for sometime now that Abby has been sitting on entire album of Kendall’s music,” Jill said.

While Jill worried Abby would react badly to the news, she instead gifted Kendall one of the first solos of the year in Season 6, episode 28. She also gave the same honor to Kalani Hilliker and JoJo Siwa. As rehearsals commenced for the solos and the elite group’s “Minecraft” routine (the minis were benched for the week), Jill pondered if she should give Abby a second chance to manage Kendall, especially after assigning her a rare contemporary routine.

“I would take a whole lot for me to forgive and forget how Abby mishandled Kendall’s music. But this week Abby gives her this amazing number so if she’s going to start treating Kendall better, I’ll take it in a heartbeat!” Jill said, despite the other moms warning her Abby may simply be trying to win them back. “Maybe this is Abby’s way of saying she’ll do better as her manager for her music. If Abby came up to me and said, ‘Look I messed up and I really want to help put these song out.’ Who knows? I might reconsider.”

When the moms approached Abby about her failure to release Kendall’s music, despite getting a No. 1 video, Abby said it was because the Vertes didn’t want to work with her anymore. “You’ve held her up for two years!” Jill complained. Abby responded by saying Jill was trying to “open up a can of worms” without having a suitable enough education to “comment on” it.

“You’re nobody and you’re nothing!” Abby said. Jill retorted that Abby was once “nothing” before she “used” her elites girls to make her famous. Abby stormed away, saying she was angered by Jill slamming her character, but Jill said Abby was the one to toss out insults first.

“I was under her spell with Kendall’s choreography but now she showed her true colors. Enough is enough and I’m over it,” Jill said. 

Watch the scene play out below:

Abby and Jill went head-to-head for a second time in the episode when the elite moms interrupted Abby’s lesson with the minis. After the mothers realized their kids had yet to run their group number the day before competition they questioned Abby as to why she was working with the minis and not the older girls. When Jill and Jessalynn Siwa said they were going to pull their kids out of ballet class to run their number, Abby threatened to pull Kendall from the group dance.

“I am not taking anymore crap from Jill,” Abby said.

Despite Abby’s threat, Kendall went on to perform with the rest of the elites at competition. And while “Mind Craft” placed first, the solos didn’t fare as well. Kalani pulled out the best place, taking home fourth, while Kendall placed seventh and JoJo didn’t place at all.

“I think the girls had a rude awakening,” Abby told the cameras, saying her students used to blame Maddie Ziegler’s wins on their failures. “Now what’s your excuse girls?”

Jill commented to the other moms that Abby’s argument with the competition’s showrunner may have hurt their kids chances at winning, but the minis moms said it sounded like they were making excuses.

In the dressing room, Abby denied giving Kendall a solid solo to make up for her music career. Jill said with Abby’s legal issues pending, this is Kendall’s opportunity to move forward with her music and Abby said her comments were “rude and blunt.” Jill said Abby was likely suing her, but the coach wouldn’t confirm or deny her plans.