Monday night finally saw the beginning of the much anticipated and talked about Season 13 of Dancing with the Stars, mainly because of the controversial participation of celebrities like Chaz Bono, Nancy Grace, Hope Solo and Ron Artest (now Metta World Peace), all for different reasons. Emily Yahr  was the one to break down all the performances.

Let's have a look at what happened...

Chaz Bono, undoubtedly the most anticipated celebrity on the stage had a strong debut with his cha cha cha performance.

Bono, who is a transgender, has faced a lot of criticism from the media ever since he was selected to perform in the DWTS show. Conservative media and critics had been arguing continuously as to his presence on the show being inappropriate because he had undergone sex change operation. But then Bono was determined and told the media that he is thick skinned, and that he will be on the show anyway.  

A confident Bono walked on to the stage with partner Lacey Schwimmer and gave an awesome performance to the tunes of Dancing in the Streets, Washington Post reported.

Judges rewarded Bono with good but not exceptional scores: a 5, 6 and a 5. (Based on the scores from Carrie Ann Inaba and co., the front-runners right now are Chynna Phillips, Hope Solo and J.R. Martinez) according to reports.

The next controversial star was LA Lakers player Ron Artest, who hit the headlines last week because he legally changed his name to Metta World Peace. But then he will be known as Ron Artest on the show.

Artest is in the show because his daughter, who is a cancer survivor, wanted him to participate. Apart from that, he feels he is a good dancer and is very comfortable about it (It turned out to be quite the opposite on the show!), the report said.

Nancy Grace, who calls herself the cable network HLN's most fearless prosecutor, hit the stage to show her three-year-old twins that Mommy can dance, she says.

Nancy was seen whirling around in a glossy dress and seemed to concentrate too hard on remembering the steps. Though Nancy did forget her choreography, she managed to save herself with a big smile. But still unable to make it, Tom Bergeron cut them off.

Hope Solo, known for being the goalie on the U.S. women's soccer team wore a pink, flowy dress with lots of jewels, and did a decent job keeping up with Maks. Hope needs to get a little more feminine and softer, said Len.