James Bond actor Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz were married in a secret, private ceremony in upstate New York this past week.

According to reports, the ceremony took place at an unnamed location in upstate New York  on Wednesday, and was attended by only four guests - Weisz's young son and Craig's 18-year old daughter among them.

The actors both ended long-term relationships in late 2010. Weisz, 41, announced her split with Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky in November 2010, after nine years and one child together. When the announcement was made, reps for the couple said they had been living separately for some months.  Craig, 42, broke off his engagement to Satsuki Mitchell, 34, an American film producer, at around the same time, prompting speculation - that was never convincingly denied - that a romance between the costars of the upcoming Dream House was to blame for the sudden splits.

The couple was photographed together over the Christmas holidays holding hands, which wordlessly confirmed the rumors. The two had been close friends for years before becoming romantic, apparently during or shortly after production on Dream House, which will be released in September.

However scandalous the relationship's beginning, it looks like the two Brits might have a happy ending.

Reps for the pair have confirmed that a marriage took place but the couple has not offically released a statement yet.

The first media reports of the wedding did not surface until days after the event - a feat worthy of a true 007.