Will Larry Birkhead marry Lady Gaga? It's doubtful, but that's what Birkhead's daughter with the late Anna Nicole Smith, Dannielyn, wants to happen.

Dannielyn, now 5 years old, was at the center of a bitter custody battle between Birkhead and Smith's family when she was a newborn.

She's now at the age where she begins to question things, including what happened to her late mother, Anna Nicole Smith, who died at age 39 in 2007.

The inquisitive 6-year-old wanted to know more about the circumstances of Anna Nicole Smith's death when she and Birkhead visited the Bahamian graves of the late model and her son, Daniel Smith.

Well, this time was a little tough because she has a little bit better understanding of things and she said, 'Why did mommy die?,' and I said, 'the doctors couldn't fix her, but if you're good you'll get to see her someday, Birkhead told Robin Roberts of Good Morning America. Video of the interview can be seen here.

 Anna Nicole Smith died in February 2007 of an accidental overdose from a combination of drugs, including sedatives Klonopin, Ativan, Serax and Valium. Her death came less than five months after the passing of her 20-year-old son, Daniel Smith, due to an accidental overdose of antidepressants and painkillers. Anna Nicole Smith was said to be devastated over her son's death.

Birkhead is living the life of a single father and Daniellyn is trying to play matchmaker.

She's says, 'Daddy, why don't you go get married?' And I said, 'Who do you want me to marry?

Daniellyn responded, Why don't you marry Lady Gaga?

Birkhead said a down-to-earth Kentucky girl is more his style than Lady Gaga.

I said, 'wait a second. You know, I'm thinking I'll bring home a Kentucky girl, [Daniellyn's] thinking Lady Gaga, so maybe we'll meet in the middle.

Larry Birkhead said Daniellyn has had as typical a childhood as she can have without her mother.

She's just a normal kid. She's into everything, Birkhead said. A lot of people expected because of what's gone on around her, her to be different than other kids, but she gets down in the dirt and plays with the kids and the next minute she switches gears and she's doing princess tea parties.

When the custody battle over Dannielyn played out in the tabloids, it was hard for Larry Birkhead to find privacy. He says he's had to make adjustments to make Dannielyn's life as normal as possible.

I've always just tried to make adjustments ... we adjust to paparazzi, we adjust to going places. Sometimes you have to put a little disguise on here and there and sometimes you can go back home to Kentucky and just be normal and that's kind of what we do, Birkhead said. We have a balance of things.

Birkhead said Daniellyn shares some similarities with her late mother, including her smile, sense of adventure and her desire to shop.

That definitely came from that side of the family, he said.