Ukrainian synchronized swimmers Daria Iushko And Kysenia Sydorenko caused quite a stir on Twitter Tuesday when the females engaged in a kiss after their finals routine at the London Olympics.

Iushko and Sydorenko finished up their routine at the Aquatic Center and instead of applause or a victory dance like Serena Williams' crip walk, the female swimmers puckered up for a big kiss on the lips. posted the photos shared by many on Twitter, asking if it was a part of the routine that landed Ukraine in sixth place for synchronized swimming at the Olympics.

"Did Ukraine just kiss each other or what," wrote Twitter user 98@sasha.

Many wondered if the kiss was part of a cultural ritual for Ukrainians or even part of their routine.

"Is it normal in Ukraine for girls to kiss the lips?" wrote @LLvina.

So far, that answer is up in the air, but The Examiner claims "it wasn't at all" part of their routine, adding, "they were just enjoying each other and there is no word yet of why they did it at all."