After the recent The Dark Knight Rises movie trailer was labeled a hoax, a new trailer has emerged labeled as an official trailer.  The previous hoax trailer contained an orange red color sky covered with bats then ending with text noting The storm is coming to Gotham. The new trailer this time contains actual footage of Batman, Bane, and Catwoman. 

The new trailer contains more action though its validity comes into question.  Various clips contained excerpts from past collections of films, including The Dark Knight.  The clip did appear to be well made though it is most likely not the trailer Christopher Nolan intends to show.  Check out the trailer below.


In other news, Liam Neeson was also spotted on The Dark Knight Rises production set raising hopes that the actor may return to reprise his character Ras al Ghul.  Neeson first appeared in Batman Begins where he played Bruce Wayne's mentor before becoming Batman's villain.  Ras al Ghul supposedly died in the film's closing finale but if Neeson will be joining the cast, it will be interesting to see how the story works out. 


Joining the flurry of current rumors of The Dark Knight Rises, one designer decided to take the reigns in designing the latest Batmobile.  Gordon Murray, famous Formula 1 racecar designer,  integrated modern day green technology with the F-1 racing style to produce a high voltage sleek Batmobile race car.  The Batmobile runs on hydrogen fuel and lithium batteries.  Murray's design will be presented at the upcoming Batman Live performance in Manchester.  No news yet if Nolan will consider Murray's Batmobile concept design for The Dark Knight Rises. 

Check out pics of Murray's Batmobile and The Dark Knight Rises trailer below. 

How many different movie clips do you think were used in making the trailer?  Would Batman drive this newly designed Batmobile?