The Darth Vader burger and two other Star Wars-themed burgers have left many wondering what ingredients exactly comprises them. But now, questions of the burgers' makeup have been answered, according to a Monday press release from Quick, the French fast food chain promoting the burgers in conjunction with the Feb. 8, 2012 premiere of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3D.

Each burger has one unique characteristic that makes it stand out: the Dark Burger, a tribute to Episode I's main villain Darth Maul, has a reddish bun seemingly sprinkled with poppy seeds; the Jedi Burger, a tribute to the iconic Yoda, has white cubes/pellets underneath the top bun; and the Dark Vador burger, a tribute to iconic Star Wars villain Darth Vader, has a black bun that has never been seen before.

According to the release from Quick, the restaurant outlined all three's components, the pervading one being pepper. They include:

  • The Dark Burger - two minced beef patties topped with two slices of melted pepper Cheddar cheese, pepper sauce and endives all between red-colored buns sprinkled with black pepper and poppy seeds.
  • The Jedi Burger - two minced beef patties topped with a slice of melted cheese, spicy mustard sauce and white mozzarella cheese cubes all between buns dusted with flour.
  • The Dark Vador Burger - two minced beef patties topped with one slice of melted pepper Cheddar cheese, pepper sauce, endives and rings of red pepper all between black-colored buns sprinkled with black pepper and poppy seeds.

Quick didn't reveal exactly how the Dark Vador Burger's bun was colored black, only saying it stemmed from a vegetable coloring agent. However, the Dark Burger's red color stems from the natural coloring agents of paprika and beef root power. The press release also states that while the Dark and Jedi burgers will be available from Jan. 31 to Mar. 1, the Dark Vador burger will be available for an even more limited time-Mar. 2 to Mar. 5.  

Nevertheless, Quick isn't stopping at just burgers to generate Star Wars-mania. To make the Star Wars theme a total experience, Quick said, Quick is also launching its Cheesy Stars and the fizzy Mix Mania. The stars, which come in sizes of three or 10, are snacks made of Emmental and mozzarella cheese. The Fizzy Mix Mania is a blend of vanilla ice cream, fizzy sweets and chocolate or caramel-flavored syrup.

In addition, Quick is releasing Star Wars toys for the two children's meals offered. One meal is the Magic Box, geared toward children from four to eight years old, which includes either a male-oriented toy, such as a figurine of either R2-D2 or Anakin Skywalker's Podracer, or a female-oriented toy, such as a figurine of Queen Amidala or Amidala inside of a miniature palace. The other meal is the Menu Top, geared toward children from nine to 12 years old, which includes stencils, bracelets and a light-saber keychain for both genders.

It seems as though Quick is pulling out all the stop to celebrate Star Wars going 3D. But will the force work in its favor when the final sales numbers are calculated? Wait and see, we'll have to.  

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