A new season of “Dating Naked” has landed on VH1 and it’s crazier than ever.

The Season 3 premiere introduced viewers to Natalie, David, Vinny, Dorothy, Zakk, and Nadica — six singles hoping to strip down and find love in Bora Bora. Though they share a common goal, the “Dating Naked” stars have very different ways of achieving it. Some approached the first dates with honesty, opening up to their prospective love interests, while others opted to let their humorous side shine.

Below are the 12 most shocking moments from the “Dating Naked” Season 3 premiere:

Natalie Opens Up To David About Being Attacked By A Dog

Vinny Fears He’ll Come Off “Too Rapey,” Turning Natalie Off

He Then Sweetens The Deal By Trying To “Sell His Package” To Her

Dorothy Reveals Her One True Love To Viewers — Herself

Vinny Shows Off His “Mangina”

He Later Says “I Love You” — On The Very First Night In The House

Natalie And David Form A Real Connection

David Is Also Seeing Sparks With Nadica

Vinny Gets A Little Intrusive With His Roommates

Nadica Showcases Her Love Of Booties — Specifically David’s

David’s Pick Infuriates Dorothy

Vinny And His “Mangina” Get Sent Packing

“Dating Naked” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on VH1. Who do you think will be next to go?