Dating Naked season 1 spoilers
Find out what happened during the Season 1 premiere of "Dating Naked." VH1/Dating Naked

VH1 figured out how to make first dates even more awkward by having two random strangers drop their draws on their initial encounter – and then do it again… two more times! Yep, that’s what viewers can expect on the new reality dating show “Dating Naked.” Well, that and a whole lot of butt-naked drama.

“You’re single. You tried everything,” the host of “Dating Naked,” Amy Paffrath, said during the series premiere, referencing bar hookups and online dating. “This is a radical dating experience that will allow you to date in the most honest way possible. Before you can bare your soul you’ll have to bare everything else first.”

That’s when viewers are introduced to the show’s first two contestants: Joe, a 24-year-old Long Island boy, and Wee Wee, an energetic 36-year-old from Nashville. But don’t let their age difference fool you. From their first “hello” fans could clearly see that these two had a spark. The only question is would their flame dwindle after meeting two other potential suitors?

It initially seemed that way when Joe locked his sights on date number 2: a beautiful girl named Jasmine who exuded confidence from her first step into the "Dating Naked" scene.

“Jasmine has the full package as far as looks go,” Joe said, adding that her beauty is making it quite easy to take his mind off of Wee Wee.

While Joe is smitten with Jasmine during their naked body boarding date, Wee Wee was showing off her artistic ability with a “well-endowed” man named Jack.

The two get down and dirty as they make colorful portraits – by using their bare bums.

Dating Naked season 1 spoilers
What did you think of the Season 1 premiere of "Dating Naked"? VH1/Dating Naked

“He’s just a wacko guy,” Wee Wee says of her silly date. Although they have an enjoyable time Wee Wee can’t stop talking about her previous date with Joe. This starts worrying Jack but it was obvious to us from the get-go that he didn’t stand a chance against the New York native.

The four of the naked daters then head back to the jungle villa to mingle au natural. Wee Wee meets Jasmine and is immediately taken back by her beauty. But still this doesn’t discourage her – even when she sees Joe getting his flirt on with Jasmine in the pool.

After their night out Joe and Wee Wee go on another date.

Joe meets Chrissy, who he describes as an athletic girl with a beautiful smile and eyes. The two prove how adventurous they are by going tubing – naked of course. And yes, it’s a bit silly.

Wee Wee also shows off her wild side when she goes hiking with her third date, Justice, through the jungle. This was hands down our favorite date. Justice was a complete riot. When Wee Wee heard a noise in the woods she questions her big, strong and handsome date about what it could possibly be.

“I don’t know but why wait? Why wait?” he says halfway down the path. He then reveals in a confessional that if a creature came lunging out from the jungle then its every man for him self. Not something you would say on a date but oh is that reality TV gold.

All six contestants then meet up again for a final jungle villa hangout. And as you can guess, Joe seemed to only have eyes for Jasmine – as did everyone else. But Wee Wee figures out a way to get Joe to see who Jasmine really is. The two exit the hangout to view how their dates act when they’re not around. Turns out, Jasmine is quite the flirt. And why shouldn’t she be? But Joe realizes that he’s not interested in chasing women but settling down with one. That’s when he and Wee Wee share an intimate kiss. But like clockwork, Joe gets lost in Jasmine’s gaze when he finally returns to the group hangout. Wee Wee finds this annoying, confusing and hurtful.

But when push comes to shove, it’s Wee Wee who Joe picked when asked to choose which contestant he wanted to go on a second date with. And after a long dramatic pause Wee Wee picks him, as well.

The host tells the two to “go and enjoy their love day in paradise.”

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