Dave Mustaine may be one of the greatest rockers of all-time, but during a recent interview with George Stroumboulopoulos to promote his newest album Thirteen, the 50-year-old Megadeth frontman admitted his distrust of Obama and where he was born, which would effectively make him a birther.

Urban Dictionary defines a birther as a conspiracy theorist convinced of his/her intellectual superiority and rightness about Obama's birth on another planet, star or galaxy far, far away and long, long ago -- or anywhere as long as it's not in the U.S. (e.g., Kenya -- or maybe Sirius, as in 'Are you?? Really!??').

Another Urban definition calls a birther, an ignoranus whose religion and entire life purpose just ended April 27, 2011, when the legitimate President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, II, released his legitimate, long-form birth certificate issued in Hawaii -- a non-news event ridiculously treated as news by the blithering, lemming media.

Even though Mustaine may not believe where Barack Obama was born, he has had a long journey, and he admitted that he is willing to learn. Back in 1983, Mustaine was booted from the band Metallica for abusing drugs and alcohol. But instead of shutting down, he funneled his frustration and anger into a new musical venture, and formed the legendary metal band Megadeth.

But Mustaine, a son of an alcoholic, still suffered from taking lots of drugs and alcohol, and even suffered neck and spinal injuries from decades of headbanging.

I had degenerative disc disease in my neck from headbanging, and they went in there to fuse a couple of vertebraes together, and they found a bone fragment in the back of my neck that had broken off and was pushing against my spinal column, Mustaine said. It had been bothering me for years, I just didn't know what it was. They didn't see it, with all of their MRIs and all of the X-rays that they did, they missed it. They actually found the bone fragment when they were cleaning out all the debris from taking out the disc.

In 2003, Mustaine, an injury to his arm threatened to end his career, but again, Mustaine didn't fold or collapse; instead, he said the experience brought him closer to God. Even though he was raised a Jehovah's Witness and dabbled in witchcraft, Mustaine was a born-again Christian.

I was yearning for a difference in my life. I felt really empty. The drugs weren't doing it, the alcohol wasn't doing it. I mean it'd make you feel good for a little while, but it's like peeing your pants on a cold night: It feels good for a little while, but it's not a long-term solution.

Megadeth is releasing a new album called 13, and to talk about his new album, he visited the Canadian TV show The Hour, to discuss his return to music, as well as his political views.

When I was 4, I was baptized as a Lutheran, and then my mom became a Jehovah's Witness, which just ruined my childhood. In America, when we start class, we say the pledge of allegience, and Jehovah's witnesses don't. They don't celebrate Christmas, which sucked. They don't celebrate birthdays, which sucked. And I couldn't have friends that were normal people because they were, 'of the world.'

I went through so many transitions where I started to make amends to people that I've harmed, so I'm enemy-free right now, which is a great feeling. The last person on my list was one of the guys from Metallica. They just had their 30th anniversary in San Francisco and they asked me to come up with them. That was a great trip.

Mustaine was very active politically back in the early 1990s. In 1992, Mustaine interviewed people outside the Democratic National Convention in Madison Square Garden for MTV, and he is still interested in politics to this day. In 2012, however, Mustaine is not necessarily looking to support the Democrat's candidate, President Barack Obama.

I'm a kind of 'vote for the lesser of two evils' kind of guy. It's such a disappointment watching what's happening right now. George Soros came out and said Mitt Romney is just like Obama, so what do you got there? You got Obama's mentor saying Mitt Romney's like him, and he's leading the polls now, and Newt Gingrich who's just so completely angry right now, he's just sputtering... the guy who makes the most sense out of all those guys is Rick Santorum. He just looked like he could be a really cool president, kind of like a JFK-kinda guy.

When Stroumboulopoulos asked Mustaine if he was a birther, that he'd called in a request to find out where President Obama was born, Mustaine denied the allegations.

I have a lot of questions about him, but certainly not where he was born. I know he was born somewhere else than America ...

Then, Stroumboulopoulos began to argue with Mustaine.

Well, no, then you're a birther if you say that, Stroumboulopoulos said. How come that keeps coming up, that no one can prove it? Do you think for a guy who ran for president, they'd figure it out by now?

But how come he was invisible before he became... whatever he was in Illinois? Mustaine asked.

I think a lot of politicians are invisible for the longest time, and then they have a big speech, the host replied.

They don't have a record of him though, Mustaine said quietly.

They have a record of him, Stroumboulopoulos said.

Where? Mustaine asked.

What do you mean, 'where?' In America, in Chicago, they have records that he exists, Stroumboulopoulos said. He's a person. What do you mean specifically?

Well, there's the birther thing that you're saying... you know what, I want to change the subject. I don't want to talk about my president.

The host changed the subject back into his art.

There's a song called 'We the People' on this record that completely explains what's going on, Mustaine said. When you watch people have their savings stripped away, and Wall Street run amok, and all these bailouts -- $500 million given to Solyndra when Obama's administration knew that it was going under. I think it was Jefferson who said, 'When the government becomes more powerful than the people, we're going to be in trouble.'

Well it'll only fuel the art then won't it? Stroumboulopoulos asked.

Before he left the stage, Mustaine admitted, I guess I have to do some more homework on where Obama came from.

Watch the entire clip below.