Not many people, if anyone at all, would pass up a call from the president of the United States, especially not to finish a tennis game. However, British Prime Minister David Cameron allegedly did just that.

The UK’s Telegraph reported that Charlie Brooks -- who happens to be the husband of embattled journalist Rebekah Brooks, who was embroiled in the recent phone-hacking scandal in the UK -- claimed he was playing tennis with Cameron when President Barack Obama called. He said that Cameron replied to the assistant who told him about Obama's call that he would call back.

The embarrassing revelation, if at all true, came shortly after Rebekah Brooks, former CEO of Rupert Murdoch’s News International, and her husband appeared in court to face charges related to the phone-hacking and allegations of hiding evidence from the police.

Cameron and the Brookses are close friends. Charlie is an old school friend of Cameron, according to the Daily Mail.

Downing Street has denied the report, saying Brooks and Cameron played tennis only once at Chequers, the prime minister's country residence, during which no calls from Obama were logged.

Here’s the Telegraph’s quote from Charlie Brooks:

“I played tennis with him at Chequers one day. I won the first set easily, then he won the second set, and then someone came up to him and said ‘er ... Mr. Obama is on the phone for you, Prime Minister.' I thought, OK, we’ll have to leave it there. But he said, ‘I think we’ve got time for a third set -- tell Mr. Obama I’ll ring him back.' He obviously thought he had me on the ropes. And I beat him two sets to one.”