Daniel (Shawn Christian) returned from beyond the grave in Friday’s episode of “Days of Our Lives.” The NBC soap opera aired a special Valentine’s Day-themed installment, which found Nicole (Arianne Zucker) dreaming of her dead fiancé on their wedding day.

A grieving Nicole opens the door for a flower deliveryman in Friday’s episode. Confused as to who would be sending her a bouquet on Valentine’s Day, the deliveryman reveals that the sender purchased it months ago in order to be sure that Nicole’s name was the first on the list. It turns out that the sender is none other than Daniel, who wrote her a sweet message before his passing.

“Just because we’re getting married today did you really think I would blow off Valentine’s Day?” he wrote in the letter.

Nicole tears up as she continues reading.

“Every day for the rest of our lives together I intend to make sure you know you are loved,” Daniel continues. “Every beat of my heart will always be for you. I love you so much.”

Nicole goes to visit Daniel’s grave to grieve, but is driven away by an echoing call of her name. Unfortunately the voice follows her home. Going mad by the sound, Nicole opens her door to leave again — and comes face-to-face with Daniel.

The sight of her dead fiancé makes Nicole collapse, but Daniel’s still there when she wakes. He’s returned from the dead because he’s worried about her.

“You are a life force and that is what I love about you,” he explains. “But you’re lost … I can’t rejoin the living but you must. You have to … Let me go and live your own life. Live it the fullest. Live it the best way you can.”

And that’s when Daniel repeats a line from his Valentine’s Day letter, promising Nicole that every beat of his heart will always be for her. However, “Days of Our Lives” fans can’t forget that Daniel’s heart is still beating – in Brady (Eric Martsolf)! Could Daniel be hinting that Nicole will find love again with Brady? It’s a storyline that has certainly been teased in the weeks following Daniel’s death. Brady started having weird dreams involving Daniel and a mysterious woman, and Theresa’s (Jen Lilley) been panicking about Brady’s closeness to Nicole. Only time will tell who Brady’s new heart belongs to.

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