Days of Our Lives
Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) had to choose if Eric (Greg Vaughn) or Brady (Eric Martsolf, not pictured) would get the heart transplant on Wednesday's episode of "Days of Our Lives." NBC

Wednesday’s episode of “Days of Our Lives” was an emotional one as the folks of Salem had to deal with the fallout of the New Year’s Eve car crash. While fans of the NBC soap opera learned earlier this week that Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) was OK, the same couldn’t be said for Daniel (Shawn Christian), Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Eric (Greg Vaughn).

The three-car accident left Brady and Eric in critical condition, and unfortunately there was no hope for Daniel. However, viewers learned that the doctor’s heart could save one person. The catch is that both Brady and Eric need it.

Brady suffered from severe blunt force trauma to his chest. His heart was damaged beyond repair. Meanwhile, the accident helped doctors discover that Eric had a serious infection that has been working on his heart muscles for some time. The situation looks grim for both men, but Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) reveals that if she has to choose one for the heart transplant, it would be Brady. She tells the others that while Eric is in critical condition, there is still time for treatment.

The orderlies were ready to take Daniel into the operating room, but Nicole (Arianne Zucker) has trouble saying goodbye to her fiancé.

“Thank you for everything,” she says in a tearjerker moment. “For loving me, for the memories; you were an unbelievable gift in my life and I will always love you.”

The transplant goes well and Kayla confirms to Brady’s family and friends that he’s in recovery and breathing on his own. They just have to watch to make sure that his body does not reject his new heart.

The episode ends on a positive note as Brady stirs while Theresa (Jen Lilley) talks to him about their son. But while things are looking up for Brady, the same can’t be said for Eric. As Marlena (Deidre Hall) sits in his room, the machines start going off. She calls for a nurse and discovers that his arrhythmia from the heart infection triggered the machines.

What will happen next? “Days of Our Lives” fans will have to tune in tomorrow for the next episode.