Shareef Allman, the dead Cupertino gunman suspected of workplace shootings this week, had a violent temper his ex-wife has said.

My husband has a violent temper, cannot stand anyone to disagree with him, he interprets it to be a challenge to him and he reacts with physical violence, Valeri Allman said in court documents that was reviewed by the San Jose Mercury News.

She requested for a restraining order against her husband whom she said assaulted her on multiple occasions during their marriage. According to the San Jose Mercury News, cops were called the former couple's San Jose home twice.

Court documents show that Valeri Allman said the most serious assault happened on Aug. 8, 1991. She said that on that day her ex-husband hit her on the side of her head with a brass lamp, which knocked her unconscious.

He had thrown the telephone and a second object at me and missed, she said, according to the San Jose Mercury News report. Because I did not flinch or cower at his feet, he became enraged and hit me with the lamp.

The couple married in July 1989, but the marriage fell apart, according to documents.

An allegedly armed Shareef Allman, 47, was shot and killed on Thursday after three Santa Clara County Sheriff deputies who were on routine patrol spotted him in a Sunnyvale neighborhood.

Shareef Allman is accused of fatally shooting three co-workers and wounded several others on Wednesday at the Lehigh Permanente plant where they all were employed.

Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith on Thursday said a positive identification of the man killed by the sheriff deputies must come through the coroner. She did tell the media that the body matched the description of Allman.

All three deputies fired at the suspect, Smith told the Los Angeles Times. He did display in a threatening manner a firearm.

The deputies were two men and a woman and their identities aren't being revealed.

Reports are that one of them saw suspicious movement in the neighborhood and got out of their vehicles.

The subject crouched down behind a vehicle, Smith told the Los Angeles Times. Deputies attempted to make contact with the suspect. The suspect was armed. ... All three deputies fired shots. ... The subject was pronounced dead at scene.

It is still unclear where Shareef Allman was hiding and how he managed to evade since the shooting happened. No motive has been established for the killing as yet.