Home is where the heart is, but even serial killers want to feel at home. Freeform’s “Dead Of Summer” Season 1, episode 9 began right where episode 8 left off with Holyoke attempting to rid the demon from Amy’s body with the help of Jessie, Alex and Garrett. Unfortunately, exorcising or purifying a demon, especially Malphas, will be harder than it looks.

The Vanishing Act

“Home Sweet Home” saw Holyoke (Tony Todd) informing Jessie (Paulina Singer), Alex (Ronen Rubenstein) and Garrett (Alberto Frezza) that Amy (Elizabeth Lail) cannot leave the cabin before the purification ritual. He also informs them that the cabin houses the only pure water left at Lake Stillwater and splashes some of it in the cabin.

Holyoke also tells the Camp Counselors that the demon residing in Amy will play tricks on them but they must not listen to it. He also instructs them that a well in the cabin that holds the purest water from Lake Stillwater can be used to remove the demon from Amy, but it will also kill her.

After giving instructions, he uses the piano to make a tune that serves as an incantation. It will call to the spirits of light to help him fight the darkness. Unfortunately, the piano was tampered with – there is a symbol of evil etched on one of the keys – which leads to Holyoke vanishing when he plays the incantation. Not only does Holyoke disappear, but a bus carrying young campers gets splattered with blood. Evil is here at Camp Stillwater.

Dead Of Summer Holyoke vanished into thin air in Freeform's "Dead Of Summer" Season 1, episode 9 "Home Sweet Home." Photo: Freeform/Jack Rowand

The Demon Plays Tricks

Jessie isn’t one to back down. She tells Alex and Garrett that they need to save Amy. She starts to use Holyoke’s book, the pure Lake Stillwater water and some verses from Holyoke’s book to make Malphas reveal himself. It works.

Unfortunately, the demon is smart. He tricks Garrett into thinking Amy is back and bites a chunk of his neck. Yikes.

Back at camp, Deb (Elizabeth Mitchell), Blair (Mark Indelicato), Drew (Zelda Williams) and the campers are panicking after watching the bus driver getting killed after he went outside to check where all the blood came from. Deb tells the counselors that she will go out and distract whatever is out there so that they can start the bus and get the children out of here.

Deb ventures out and find a dead bus driver. She then tells whoever is out there to take her. At that moment, her deceased lover appears and attempts to strangle her to death.

Meanwhile, the demon summons a fake version of Deb to get Jessie and the others to open the door. It works and when fake Deb reveals her true demon self, someone quickly smashes the purified water and closes the door.

Dead Of Summer The demon played tricks on the Camp Counselors in "Dead Of Summer" Season 1, episode 9 "Home Sweet Home." Photo: Freeform/Jack Rowand

The Purification Ceremony

Thanks a little help from the demon’s version of Deb, Amy/the demon are able to free themselves from the chair. She then ties Garrett on a rope to the ceiling and threatens Jessie to let her out or else she will kill him. Desperate, Jesse tells the demon that she will welcome him as the vessel. She wants him to let go of Amy and take her as the vessel.

The demon agrees. He transfers his dark soul to Jessie. By this time, Alex, who was locked by the demon in some sort of small cupboard in the cabin, is able to break through. A barely coherent Jessie tells him to put her in the water in order to kill the demon.

Alex agrees. He hurls Jessie into the well of purified Lake Stillwater water. Then, Amy, who has just woken up, removes her from the well and resuscitates her in order to bring her back to life. Eventually, she wakes up. All seems to me well in the cabin.

Elsewhere, Deb’s lover suddenly stops trying to strangle her and vanishes after the purification ceremony. However, before leaving he tells her that she bought the perfect vessel for the demon at camp.

Amy Is A Killer!

Unfortunately, evil isn’t gone at Camp Stillwater. In a shocking twist, “Dead Of Summer” viewers learn that Amy is actually a serial killer. She killed her parents and brother because they wanted to “cage” her, she killed her best friend Margo in order to be a counselor at Camp Stillwater and she willingly killed Blotter (Zachary Gordon), Cricket (Amber Coney) and Joel (Eli Goree). She isn’t innocent at all.

In fact, clever Amy took the demon’s soul back in her body while trying to save Jessie’s life. The demon is still inside of her and she loves it.

Deb goes to Amy’s cabin and finds several artifacts that indicate she isn’t what she says she is. At that moment, Amy/the demon arrive in the cabin and kill Deb. Before the Camp Director dies, Amy reveals that Deb isn’t innocent either. Something definitely happened to her when she was a counselor in the summer of 1970.

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