“Dead Of Summer” upped the horror a notch in Season 1, episode 7. In episode 6 of the Freeform series, Deb’s (Elizabeth Mitchell) unfortunate past was revealed, and the camp counselors awakened a demon in an attempt to talk to Cricket (Amber Coney).

Episode 7, “Townie,” showed Deputy Garrett Sykes’ (Alberto Frezza) past. It also showed Amy (Elizabeth Lail) being used as a vessel for a demon.

The Season 1 installment began with Garrett convincing the Sheriff and his dad’s best friend, Boyd Heelan (Charles Mesure), that a Satanic cult is going to sacrifice an innocent life at sundown. He used journals from the 1800s to prove that the cult is doing exactly what they did during that time period. History is repeating itself.

Boyd agrees to help Garrett, but warns him not to ask for backup since police would laugh at them for going after a cult. Garrett agrees and the two men head to Camp Stillwater.

Once at camp, Garrett explains the plan – use Amy to draw out the members of this mysterious cult and then arrest them. Boyd volunteers to watch over Amy while she and the other counselors prepare for capture the flag. Everything seems to be going fine – the campers are at the mess hall and Boyd is watching over Amy while she puts flags.

However, suddenly everything goes horribly wrong. Amy is kidnapped by members of the cult who seemingly overpower Boyd because they have the numbers. Meanwhile, Anton – the kid who talks to Holyoke – draws a picture of a place called Golden Grove. It’s the same picture that Michael, Joel’s (Eli Goree) elder brother, drew when he was hearing voices at camp. This picture shows a cave at Golden Grove.

Jesse (Paulina Singer), Alex (Ronen Rubinstein) and Joel show Garrett Anton’s picture of the cave at Golden Grove. The Deputy says that he has been to the Golden Grove and there isn’t a cave there. That’s the moment when Frezza’s character realizes that the place may have a hidden cave.

He finds the cave – by now the sun has set and night has fallen. Once he enters it, he sees several members of the satanic cult, including his former best friend Damon (Andrew J. West). Flashbacks reveal that Damon and Garrett were actually best friends until the latter went to Camp Stillwater and became friends with Jesse. After that, the duo parted ways. Garrett became a Deputy while Damon became a drug-smuggling Satanist.

Damon urges Garrett to join them in order to becomes “less invisible” and be a part of a community that doesn’t feel powerless. Before the Deputy can say anything, Damon proclaims that once their blood mixes with Amy’s – who is lying suspended and touching a pool of water mixed with her own blood – they will become immortal. He also mentions that The Teacher has given his blessing. It becomes increasingly clear that this Teacher is the leader of their group.

Before Garrett can say anything to stop them, Damon and his fellow Satanists slit their throats. The blood travels to the pool. At the same time, Amy’s rope breaks and she falls into this pool of blood.

Eventually, the Deputy snaps out of his shock and rescues Amy who is drowning. However, when he rescues the camp counselor, he sees a demon’s hand catch her leg. It makes it difficult for him to swim ashore. Fortunately, Jesse followed him to the cave and pulls the pair up. The demon lets go of Amy’s leg.

Amy is visibly shaken when Garrett takes her back to camp. There, everyone is wondering who was the person responsible for the killings. Sheriff Boyd suddenly reappears and tells Garrett that he needs to know what happened down there and why Damon took his own life. The thing is: Garrett never told Boyd that Damon killed himself! Which means, the Teacher is the Sheriff!

Cunning Garrett just tells Boyd that he needs to show him what happened. He leads the Sheriff out of the camp and near the cave. He then confronts him about killing his father, making Damon kill himself and the rituals.

Boyd tries to take him down, but Garrett quickly draws his gun. He tries to coax him to join his cult rather than kill him. Finally, Boyd mocks him for not having the strength to kill him.

Episode 7 ends with Garrett shooting Boyd and screaming, “I’m not my father!” Turns out, Boyd was the one who killed his dad since he was conducting investigations into the cult several years ago.

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