With the NBA lockout still in effect, Delonte West has gotten a job at a furniture chain.

Delonte West, who experienced the glamor of playing with the Boston Celtics last season, spent the summer during the NBA lockout much like a decent chunk of America: looking for work. West is a free agent, so he can't sign a contract with the Celtics or any other team until a new labor deal is in place.

On Wednesday, West's job search came to an end. And that's too bad, unless he keeps constantly updating his Twitter feed like he did during his employment search.

Yes, West is officially an employee of Regency Furniture Showrooms, a furniture chain in Washington, D.C., northern Virginia and Maryland.

From his tweets, it seems as if West is part of the moving crew. Just finished a big moving job, he tweeted Thursday afternoon.

On Wednesday, West tweeted a photo of his employment application, and it's clear as to why there was such a quick turnaround in his hiring.

It's beautiful. Everything. That he heard of the opening through word of mouth. That he is able to work full time, but specifies any days and hours if employing for part time. That he is available to work yesterday.

That, sure, he's been convicted of a crime, but he doesn't need five lines of space to describe in full. Just one word: Misunderstanding. And that, other than his name, date of birth and that he has committed a crime, he gave no other personal information about himself.

Here's a recap of West's summer of searching: First, there was supposed to be a hip-hop mixtape. It, of course, would be called Lockout. He included a video with snippets of two songs, which, for whatever reason, included him posing in a tuxedo in front of the Washington Monument.

Then, he tweeted that he filled out an application at Home Depot. And then he told ESPN that he'd be willing to work at Sam's Club or BJ's, selling knives, and getting a microphone and everything.

No word if he applied for that selling knives job and tried to pass that little thing off as a misunderstanding, again.