A plane may not be the most romantic venue to get engaged, but for a Chicago man, asking his girlfriend on the same flight that the couple met nearly two years ago was the perfect spot.

Arvin Shandiz, 27, proposed to Alexandra Williams, 28, over the intercom system on a Delta flight from New York to Chicago.

The proposal was planned way in advance with the help of the airline, paying tribute to the spot the pair first met.

Shandiz contacted Delta, asking for their help in an email:

...My girlfriend, Alexandra Williams (Alex), and I met on a Delta flight from New York LaGuardia to Chicago in January 2010. I can easily say that that was the best flight of my life, and as we quickly approach our 2 year anniversary, I am going to propose to her. In thinking of a creative and memorable way of doing so, I thought it would be pretty cool to propose while mid air on a Delta flight

Shandiz, an options trader, said he first met Williams when she mocked his overstuffed carry-on bag. Shandiz was immediately taken by the girl's forwardness.

He told ABC News, It's not every day that a beautiful girl stops you and has a conversation with you.

So, nearly two years later, he took to the loudspeaker in front of the entire flight (with cameras rolling) to pop the question.

He stood in front of the cabin as he announced:

Good evening everyone, my name is Arvin, and I'm on this flight with a beautiful young lady I met almost two years ago flying Delta Air Lines.

From the moment I met her that night, I knew I never wanted to spend a second without her, he said as Alex sat in her seat, shocked.

Alex, you're the most beautiful girl in the world, and you make me so incredibly happy. So, would you marry me? he asked.

He presented her with a ring and she tearfully accepted the offer.

In the video, several passengers are heard questioning, Did she say yes?

She did, and everyone on the Delta Air Lines flight was treated to bottles of Champagne, courtesy of the happy couple.

The airline also surprised the couple with a five night honeymoon package to any Delta vacations property, including flight tickets.

Williams told the Chicago Sun-Times that the proposal was magical.

It's been a fairy tale from the moment we met, she added.

Williams said she had no idea what Shandiz was doing when he first got up to go on the loudspeaker.

I though the flight attendant was confused, she remarked to ABC News.

It was no mistake. The pair officially engaged at 32,000 feet above the ground.