Hillary Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders are set to square off Wednesday night in Miami for another Democratic presidential debate. This one marks the eighth time the candidates have shared a stage this election cycle, and the second time they will face each other in four days.

The debate, which is being hosted by Univision and the Washington Post, comes just days before voters in Florida will participate in the state’s primary. While Florida is a swing state in general elections, it also carries significance in the primary season because it has 246 delegates up for grabs.

So far, Clinton has been leading Sanders in the state, but Wednesday’s debate could be a chance for the Vermont senator to showcase his policies in front of Florida voters. While Clinton is ahead in national polling, holding an average of 51 percent to Sanders’ 39.6 percent, she has an even greater lead in Florida.

In the Sunshine State, Clinton holds an average of 57.8 percent, while Sanders has 32.2 percent, according to Real Clear Politics. A recent survey from News 13/Survey USA had Clinton up 61-30 over Sanders.  

Still, Sanders has said he is in the race for the long haul, and the debate in Miami should be a memorable one. After an intense and policy-filled Sunday debate in Flint, Michigan, the Democratic candidates are likely to bring their A-game again Wednesday night.  

If you’re looking to make the atmosphere a little more joyful, we’ve got you covered with a debate drinking game. The start time is 9 p.m. EST so get ready. Everyone pick a candidate and follow these rules, adapted from Debate Drinking and Sun Times National.

Take a sip whenever your candidate:

  • Says “immigration”
  • Brings up the middle class
  • Doesn’t answer the question
  • Talks about guns
  • Says the word “community”
  • Uses the term “political revolution”
  • Mentions the minimum wage
  • Criticizes Wall Street
  • Says the word “rigged”
  • Says “huge”, “yuge” or “yoooge”
  • Mentions “email”
  • Uses the phrase “let me be clear”

Take a gulp whenever your candidate:

  • Defends President Barack Obama
  • Mentions the Florida primary election
  • Talks about the Middle East
  • Directs viewers to their website
  • Clinton smirks while Sanders is talking
  • Sanders wags his finger at Clinton
  • Clinton mentions she is a grandmother

Finish your drink if:

  • The candidates shout over one another
  • Anyone mentions Donald Trump