If you're wondering if Democrats consider a lewd picture that appeared on the Twitter account of New York Congressman Anthony Weiner a scandal, here's the answer: They don't.

According to a CNN report, the top brass of Democrats in the House aren't paying attention, choosing, rather, to stick to their arguments of Medicare and spending.

When questioned as to whether the Weiner situation was turning into a distraction, California House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said, That's your problem. If that's what's important to you, then that's what you'll report. That's not what's important to us.

She also added, I have confidence in Anthony Weiner that if an investigation is in order that will take place.

Michigan Rep. John Conyers said Weiner was a valuable member of the Democratic caucus and added, The public mostly likes entertainment and excitement and that's what the Weiner issue provides. That's human nature.

And New Jersey Rep. Rob Andrews said we're not distracted by that.

The now-infamous photo of the lower body of a man wearing underwear was posted on the New York representative's Twitter account Friday night; though Weiner insists that he did not post the photo and believes his account was hacked as a prank. He does leave open the possibility that the photo is of him, saying he can't deny it with certitude.

On Thursday, Weiner told CNN that he intends to get back to work doing the job that I'm paid to do.

The conservative blogger who broke the story - Andrew Breitbart, who runs the conservative website Biggovernment.com - has been calling for a full investigation. As he put it, either someone is guilty of hacking a congressman's account, or Weiner has something he wants to hide.