ABC TV series “Designated Survivor” delved into the world of blackmails, betrayals and secret agents in Season 1, episode 7. After Al-Sakar terrorist group’s leader Majid Nassar was mysteriously poisoned while he was in FBI custody, the series dove straight into the conspiracy and revealed some surprising secrets.

Here’s what happened in “The Traitor”:

MacLeish Bonds With The President

MacLeish (Ashley Zukerman) and his wife have dinner with Alex (Natascha McElhone) and Tom (Kiefer Sutherland). They bond during this time. Of course, it’s difficult for the President to enjoy a meal without being blindsided by a new crisis. In this case, Tom has to cut the dinner short when his Chief of Staff Aaron Shore (Adan Canto) informs him that Nassar (Nicholas Massouh) is dead.

Kirkman orders Shore to get a meeting with FBI Deputy Director Jason Atwood (Malik Yoba) immediately so that he can explain how he died and whether he provided any information prior to his death.

Unfortunately, just as Atwood is ready to give answers, he arrives in the Oval Office and finds himself face-to-face with not only the President, but also soon-to-be Vice President Congressman MacLeish. The Director can’t spill the beans since MacLeish is a part of the Capitol bombing and instead opts to be silent on the subject. Fortunately, Kirkman senses that he’s hiding something or lying.

Designated Survivor Atwood tries to tell the President about Catalan and Peter MacLeish in “Designated Survivor” Season 1, episode 7 “The Traitor”. Photo: ABC/Ben Mark Holzberg

Kirkman Finally Knows About Alex’s Ex-Boyfriend

Press Secretary Seth Wright (Kal Penn) is trying very hard to get five minutes with the most powerful man on the American soil. When his Chief of Staff dismisses him each time, Seth spills the beans about a reporter who suspects Leo’s (Tanner Buchanan       ) biological father is a man rotting in federal prison.

Aaron has no option but to tell the President the truth. And about the fact that Alex knew her ex-boyfriend was claiming that Leo is his son. Tom is furious to learn that Alex knew about this. They debate about whether Leo should know the truth, but before they can make a decision the President is called to deal with another pressing crisis.

Russia Arrests A National Hero … Or Not?

An American track-and-field coach is heading to Russia for a tournament. The President even wishes him good luck before he boards a plane. However, when the coach reaches the Russian soil, he is arrested for carrying performance-enhancing drugs. The matter gets worse when the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development learns that the coach was actually a spy for the CIA.

Kirkman does everything in his power to get the coach released. He initiates a three-way transatlantic deal involving Russia and a country in the Middle East. However, he later learns in “Designated Survivor” Season 1, episode 7 that the coach was actually a double agent. He worked for the Russians while supposedly spying for the Americans.

The good news is that this experience teaches Kirkman to never trust anyone blindly. He holds off on officially naming MacLeish Vice President. He first wants him vetted by the FBI.

Information About Catalan Revealed

Meanwhile, FBI Agent Hannah Wells (Maggie Q) is desperate to find out who Catalan is. Nassar named him as the man who framed him before he was poisoned. Wells gets even more desperate when Atwood’s son goes missing. This is clearly Catalan’s work.

Hannah reaches out to a contact who informs her that Catalan is a traitor, an American and a mercenary. She finally gets a file on the man and realizes that he was there when Nassar was murdered.

MacLeish Meets Atwood

Before Atwood’s son went missing, MacLeish met the FBI Deputy Director and gave him all his files – tax returns, his years of service to the nation and all his papers. Atwood makes it clear to the Congressman that he suspects him of something without actually saying it when they meet.

Atwood Gets Blackmailed

When Atwood frantically searches for his son, a mysterious woman blindsides him and informs him that his son is safe for the time being. Atwood is given a cellphone and told that he must do everything they tell him or else his son will die. The woman orders him to have a meeting with Kirkman tomorrow and tell him exactly what she orders him to.

“Designated Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.