Designated Survivor
Watch Maggie Q play FBI Agent Hannah Wells on ABC TV series “Designated Survivor” on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on ABC. ABC/John Medland

ABC TV series “Designated Survivor” revealed a shocking discovery made by FBI Agent Hannah Wells during her investigation into the Capitol bombing: Congressman and soon-to-be Vice President Peter MacLeish was in on the plan to destroy the Capitol. Worse still, someone killed terrorist group Al-Sakar’s leader Majid Nassar. This someone also doesn’t want Hannah to find the truth.

Maggie Q, the actress who portrays the truth-seeking Wells, spoke to TVLine in an interview about the upcoming episode on “Designated Survivor.” Maggie explained that, given the roadblocks her character is experiencing during the investigation, it makes sense that a conspiracy exists inside the White House. Worse still, this conspiracy involves someone very powerful people. Her boss, FBI Deputy Director Atwood (Malik Yoba), understands that this investigation could be very dangerous.

In fact, Atwood’s family will be in danger on Wednesday’s episode. “When it comes to this investigation, he’s [Atwood has] always been a little more conservative knowing that he could open a box that they don’t want to get into,” Maggie explained, “And he does have more experience than she does, so he understands that sometimes things go very high and you don’t want to know [the truth].”

Designated Survivor
FBI Deputy Director Atwood will learn that his family is in danger in “Designated Survivor” episode 7. ABC/Ben Mark Holzberg

Wells teased that despite the threats received by Atwood, his subordinate Hannah will very soon be in the same room as President Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland). Hopefully, she will finally be able to tell him the truth about MacLeish (Ashley Zukerman).

However, there is another theory why Atwood isn’t allowing Hannah to tell the President about the conspiracy inside the White House. This theory suggests that Atwood is actually stalling Hannah by preventing her from telling the truth. He was also part of the plan to take down the White House. Maggie, who has trained with the FBI, reacted to this new theory. “Well, it’s interesting you say that because there’s some stuff coming up. … It’s very interesting you say that.”

According to TVGuide, episode 7 will reveal who killed Nassar. But this person hasn’t actually killed the terrorist -- he only claims to have killed the man. In fact, the confession is going to shock fans and give them an idea on how far the conspiracy goes in the White House.

“Designated Survivor” Season 1, episode 7 premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.