“Destiny” fans can prepare their games for the upcoming Update 2.0, which has been slated for release on Sept. 8. Bungie has detailed the changes that fans can expect, but these new details are more of a teaser preview than anything else.

In the latest Bungie blog update, the developer discussed changes in character, quests, bounties, the Tower, inventory, weapons and more. As discussed before, character progression will change with “Destiny” 2.0. The level cap for characters for all players will now be up to 34, while the cap for The Taken King will be up to 40.

Gaining XP is now another foolproof way to level up characters, as the Character Level and Light are now defined and progress differently. While the power levels of the armor and weapons will not change, the attack and defense ratings will now make use of the new systems.

For the Quests, there is now a Quest Screen in the menu, where a player’s active Quests can be tracked. Note that all of the Year One activities will now be converted into the Quest system.

The bounty slots are now increased by 16, but the bounties for Year One that are incomplete for Year One will be auto-abandoned by Sept. 8. Any Year One bounties that came from Eris will also be retired.

Finally, the Tower will also have new collections, emblems, shaders and ships. The former two will be found near Eva Lavante while ships will be near Amanda Holliday. On the other hand, the Blueprint will be introduced to the Tower for all the Exotics in the players’ collections.

Recently, “Destiny” servers went down for maintenance, but the developer confirmed that it was not yet for the upcoming patch, PlayStation Lifestyle reported. Bungie promised that the full patch note will be put up next week. This is mostly due to the fact that there are still some feedback that the “Destiny” Live Team is dealing with in the upcoming patch.

In the meantime, Bungie has a few suggestions on how players can enjoy the Year One in “Destiny” in the last few moments. One of the important things to note is players should not delete characters or dismantle items, as they may be useful in Year Two. It's also best to complete the Year One Bounties, the Moment of Triumph and the House of Wolves Grimoire. The developer pegged three more days’ time, which could mean the entire weekend until the last chance is over.

Moments of Triumph is extended a little longer until Sept. 14. Bungie advised players that avoiding deleting characters is beneficial to the Moments of Triumph, as it ties up with the active character roster, especially with the “Destiny” 2.0 update.

"Destiny" The Taken King Court of Oryx Trailer (Credit: YouTube/ZRSGamingHD)