Activision’s upcoming role-playing action title “Destiny” may be coming to the PC, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg says.

"It is [a good fit], and it's something we're talking about and looking at very carefully, and obviously it makes a lot of sense with the genre and the type of game it is," Hirshberg told Polygon Thursday.

"There are no scenarios where you're gonna make something that's that high production value and that compelling and that deep and rich and interesting with that many different modes of play that's not gonna be a scary proposition.”

The game is set to launch Sept. 9 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

"It's great to see the next gen[eration] hardware is off to such a strong start and both the Xbox One and PS4 are well ahead of where their predecessors were at this point … but if you just woke up today and looked at where people are gaming, the majority of people are still on the legacy hardware," Hirshberg added.

“Destiny” will take place 700 years in the future in a postapocalyptic setting following a lucrative and successful period of exploration and peace called the Golden Age. The game is set in a universe where humans have colonized a number of livable planets in the solar system. However, a disastrous event known as “the Collapse” saw the mysterious destruction of these colonies, leaving mankind nearly extinct. When humans attempt to repopulate and recover after the Collapse, aggressive and dangerous alien races are discovered in various towns and cities. Players will have the task of investigating and destroying the aliens before the human race is entirely wiped out.

“Destiny” was referenced in 2009’s “Halo 3: ODST,” where a sign in the game read “Destiny Awaits” alongside a picture of Earth with an unknown orb floating nearby. Game features were accidentally leaked in November 2012, revealing plot ideas and concept art. Bungie followed up with the delivery of further details about “Destiny,” while expressing regret that game details were made public before expected. The title was confirmed to be released on the PS4 and PS3 at the PS4 reveal event in February last year. Bungie also stated that both PlayStation versions would feature exclusive content. The release date of Sept. 9 was confirmed last December. The game's beta will open July 17.

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