When Bungie announced "The Taken King" expansion for "Destiny", it also announced exclusive items, gear and maps coming to PlayStation players. It appears those playing on the Xbox platform still have a shot at getting this content.

The strikes will arrive on the Xbox platforms come fall. The developer promised that the content will not only be rolled out to Microsoft’s devices, but will see a revamp, reports Eurogamer. Bungie creative director Luke Smith revealed that Xbox players will be able to experience both the old content as well as the new reissued model.

“We’re not just reissuing them. We’re refreshing them completely with the Taken,” Smith told Eurogamer.

The upcoming content will not only be the ones from "The Taken King." It will also include the previous strikes, weapons and PVP maps from "The Dark Below" and "House of Wolves" expansion.

For PlayStation players, there is no need to feel left behind, because even they will have access to newer versions of the exclusive content. The goal is to avoid the separation of players based on platforms, and instead allow the “Destiny” community to see the content through in a new way.

The "Taken King" expansion has sparked intense dissatisfaction from “Destiny” fans. The third expansion, set for Sept. 15, is a paid DLC that requires the purchase of editions that include the base game if players want access to items like emotes.

This has drawn flak from players who don't want to purchase what they already have for extra content exclusive to the paid version of the DLC. This seems to be an even bigger issue to “Destiny” players who have been with the game since its release and the two expansions.

Community manager David “DeeJ” Dague has responded via official forums. While noting that purchasing the editions is up to players, he said "The Taken King Collector’s Edition" has been sold out for the most part, indicating strong fan interest. But DeeJ also emphasized that Bungie has something in store for players who have been with “Destiny” since the beginning and it will be revealed soon.

"Destiny" The Taken King trailer (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)