"The Taken King," the latest expansion for “Destiny,” may be the key to big changes for the franchise on its way towards its second year. This was what developer Bungie hinted to fans at Gamescom 2015.

The leveling and progression system for Guardians is the first thing that will change. This may be a welcome reprieve for players who have been stuck in levels due to lack of materials for gear level-up, IGN reports. As such, the light system will now be removed, with XP earning now becoming the main way to level up.

This will also follow the same level system that most titles and shooters go with, and in "Destiny," it means defeating monsters and finishing missions and bounties. All of the experience gained will now affect a Guardian’s level from the first to the 40th, which is the new cap.

Even with the new system, one’s weapons and armor will still contribute to the Guardian’s overall character. Bungie will even be adding more gears to “Destiny.” For the coming expansion, “Destiny” players can even look forward to more useful loot and gear dropping. This will deal with the longtime problem of players who are stuck with loot and armor that they do not need in powering up.

The developer has not yet finalized nor officially announced how it will plan to tweak the loot system. But it did confirm that the team will look into what kind of weapons a player already has to ensure that an appropriate drop will occur.

Another change happening in the game is the replacement of the voice of Ghost. Veteran voice actor Nolan North, known for his roles in “Uncharted” and “Batman: Arkham” series, will now be the new Ghost. He will replace Peter Dinklage, who took flak for the way Ghost was portrayed.

While North may be getting into the role in time for "The Taken King" expansion, Game Informer reports that North already had an arrangement with Bungie to re-record all of the previous lines of Ghost. 

"Destiny' The Taken King expansion (Credit: YouTube/destinygame)