Comments by “Final Fantasy Distant World” concert conductor Arnie Roth has prompted speculation a remake of “Final Fantasy XII” (FF12) is in the works.Square Enix, however, has yet to comment on whether that's thecase.

While it may not mean anything at the moment, the original composer of “FF12,” Hitoshi Sakimoto, was in attendance, Kotaku reported. This led to some fans speculate an announcement may have been planned from the start while others found the venue odd.

Since the game was originally a PlayStation 2 title, a remake likely would get an HD treatment like the recently released “Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remaster” for PS4. Roth mentioned the game would be a remake, suggesting the game will be rebuilt from the ground up like the upcoming “Final Fantasy VII” remake.

Polygon noted “FF12” hasn’t been re-released since it came out on the PS2 in 2006. Games like “Final Fantasy X” and “Kingdom Hearts” were eventually re-released for the PS3 as part of collections, so it will be interesting to see if “FF12” gets bundled with other games.

Though it wasn’t as popular as “Final Fantasy VII” or “Final Fantasy X,” the reception of “FF12” was positive enough to warrant a sequel. The original Nintendo title “Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings” came out as a sequel, which took place one year after the events of “FF12.” A spin-off title called “Fortress” was also in the works, but was suspended after Square Enix reclaimed the title from developer Grin and is now most likely canceled.

Final Fantasy XII PlayStation 2 Trailer (Credit: YouTube/IGN)