Eidos Montreal, developer of "Deus Ex: Human Revolution," has taken the cloak off "Deus Ex: The Fall," which it starting teasing on its official Twitter account two days ago. The studio followed it up with a brief teaser trailer Tuesday, indicating that a full revealing would be coming Wednesday. That just occurred. Here are the details.

"Deus Ex: The Fall" will be an iPad and iPhone exclusive, featuring an all-new story starring Ben Saxon. We theorized that "Deus Ex: The Fall" could star Saxon, who has appeared only in "Deus Ex: Icarus Effect," a novel. We're disappointed to hear that "Deus Ex: The Fall" will be an iOS-only game.

Set in 2027, players assume the role of Saxon, who has been stabbed in the back by his employers. Saxon is out for revenge. Other features include new augmentations. Old augmentations will reappear as well, including smart vision and punch-through wall. The game is said to be coming out "soon," as exact release date details were left out of the announcement trailer.

Check out the official "Deus Ex: The Fall" announcement trailer below, courtesy of YouTube.

What do you think of "Deus Ex: The Fall?" Are you disappointed that "Deus Ex: The Fall" is an iPad and iPhone exclusive? Are you looking forward to playing "Deus Ex: The Fall?" Sound off in the comments below.