"Deus Ex," the universally acclaimed cyberpunk FPS-RPG released way back in 2000, could get renewed interest in the form of a new mod named "Deus Ex: Nihilum," which sports a brand new campaign and tons of other original content.

"Deus Ex: Nihilum," which currently ranks as the most popular item on ModDB, puts the player in the role of Mad Ingram, described on the add-on's page as UNATCO's first nano-augmented agent. UNATCO sends the player back to Hong Kong, one of "Deus Ex"'s original locales, in an effort to prevent a terrorist attack there after an attack was carried out in nearby Shenzen, China, by "perpetrators with ties to international groups."

According to its ModDB page, "Deus Ex: Nihilum" is absolutely stuffed with new content. This includes 80 new music tracks, amounting to more than two hours of new tunes, more than 2,200 lines of speech and seven to 13 hours of total new gameplay. "Deus Ex: Nihilum"'s creator, who goes by the name "FastGamerr" on ModDB, seems to preserve the open-ended spirit of the original "Deus Ex" by stating that "Exploration is everything!"

Below are some screenshots of "Deux Ex: Nihilum."


We can't wait to give "Deus Ex: Nihilum" a spin.

What do you think of "Deus Ex: Nihilum?" Will you be giving "Deus Ex: Nihilum" a try? Have you played "Deus Ex: Nihilum?" If so, what do you and don't you like about the mod? Sound off in the comments below.