Blizzard released another creepy teaser trailer for "Diablo 3," which will be available for PS3 and Xbox One starting Sept. 3. Similar to the previous three teaser trailers, this one adopts the shaky-cam style popularized by horror films including "The Blair Witch Project" and "Paranormal Activity."

In this latest trailer, a police officer enters what appears to be the same apartment featured in two of the three trailers released to this point. The apartment appears to have been hit in an attack but by what is unclear. The police officer then finds a gamer facing the wall, where his TV and PS3 are located. The gamer is banging his hand against the wall, while holding a PS3 controller, which brings to mind the end of "The Blair Witch Project."

The lights then flicker and an evil presence seems to be emitting from the TV. The trailer then concludes by asking viewers, "Is your PS3 possessed?" In the background, a snippet of the original Tristram theme from the first "Diablo" is heard playing and the Sept. 3 release date is flashed.

Watch the latest "Diablo 3" for PS3 trailer below, courtesy of YouTube.

What do you think of the newest "Diablo 3" trailer? Did you like the Blair Witch/Paranormal Activity theme? What do you want Blizzard to do differently in the PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360 versions of "Diablo 3?" Sound off in the comments below.