The kooky, shaky-cam "Diablo 3" trailers just keep on coming. In the latest "Blair Witch/Paranormal Activity"-esque teaser for the popular Blizzard game, the cameraman is being chased by a daemon through a dark, narrow hallway.

The trailer makes references to "Diablo" games past and present. At 0:04, you'll find "No Cow Level" written on the left wall, which is a reference to the Secret Cow Level from "Diablo 2." At 0:05, you'll find "Act 1" with an arrow pointing in the direction that the cameraman is running on the right wall, which refers to the Act-based game structure found in both "Diablo 2" and "Diablo 3" (the structure of "Diablo 1" was dungeon-level based). At 0:09, the cameraman gets to the end of a hallway, where he/she finds a door with a pentagram on it. At 0:12, the left wall reads "1337" (or Leet in leetspeak).

The cameraman keeps running, only to encounter a door with three vertical lines on it (we assume that they represent the number 3). When the cameraman looks down, he finds a table with a PS3 controller, a knife and a hammer. He grabs the controller and spins around to face his predator, who utters "Fresh meat..." in a dark and unholy voice. The cameraman seems to have been running away from The Butcher, a miniboss found in the first "Diablo" as well as "Diablo 3." In the original "Diablo", the Butcher says, "Ahhhh, fresh meat.." when you begin to battle him. His catchphrase was cut down to "Fresh meat.." in "Diablo 3."

The trailer ends with a voice asking "Is your PS3 possessed?" as the date September 3, 2013 flashes on the screen, the release date of "Diablo 3" for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Watch the newest "Diablo 3" teaser trailer below, courtesy of Youtube.

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