“Bachelor” host Chris Harrison wants a wedding! Prior to the Season 20 finale, Ben Higgins told the ABC reality show host that he would marry his fiancé tomorrow if he could. And Chris Harrison held him to that during the “After the Final Rose” special.

Fans watched Monday night as Ben proposed to Lauren Bushnell during the finale of “The Bachelor.” The two have had to keep their relationship quiet for weeks, but finally got to publicly reunite on “The Bachelor: After the Final Rose.”

After talking about their relationship and journey on the show, Chris Harrison surprised Ben by bringing out his hometown pastor. They flew him from Indiana to Los Angeles to marry Lauren and Ben — that is, if Ben was serious about marrying Lauren “tomorrow.”

Unfortunately for viewers, Ben and Lauren aren’t ready to take the leap just yet.

“Thank you for coming,” Ben said, addressing his pastor. “But I think we both owe it to each other to do a wedding with our friends and our family and a big wedding, a celebration to cap off this craziness.”

Chris Harrison might not have got a wedding, but Ben re-proposed to Lauren in front of the audience and their families. Lauren revealed that she's moving to Denver to live with Ben. And he also confirmed that they although they’re not getting married that night, they will have their wedding “very soon.”