Beyonce Beyoncé Photo: Reuters

It's no secret that Beyoncé has lost weight over the past few months, but fans are now wondering if she used Photoshop to make herself appear even smaller. The 32-year-old R&B singer on Thursday shared family vacation photos shot in the Dominican Republic. Beyoncé has been traveling since her “Mrs. Carter” world tour ended last month.

One Instagram photo shows Beyoncé playing golf, wearing bathing suit bottoms and a crop top. Her thighs didn't appear to touch, sparking speculation that she used Photoshop to give herself a "thigh gap," a space between her upper thighs that's visible even when her knees are close together.

In recent months, the “thigh gap" trend has received plenty of attention, with some women saying that they feel overweight if their upper thighs touch. Some of them have tried eating less and plastic surgery to achieve the gap, according to some reports. 

So did Beyoncé use Photoshop to give herself a "thigh gap"? That's still unclear, especially since she has appeared smaller anyway since starting a workout routine following the birth of her dauther, Blue Ivy, in 2012.

Beyoncé's personal trainer, Marco Borges, spoke to Life & Style magazine earlier this year about her workout routine. Borges said that the singer combined cardio, lunges and a diet full of veggies and lean meat to lose weight. “One vegan meal a day, because this typically gets people to eat more greens than they normally would," he said. "Consistency is the key to success. I love running sprint intervals for quick cardio sessions and also ... running stairs."

If Beyoncé did use Photoshop, she wouldn't be the first female celebrity to do so. Reality-TV star Kim Kardashian has been accused of altering some of her Instagram selfies, and in November, former Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr, was accused of photoshopping her Instagram photos. Kerr, 30, posted a photo depicting her in a lingerie pose with fellow models Alessandra Ambrosio and Doutzen Kroes, but Kerr's waist was a lot slimmer than it appears in real life.