Anyone following the NBA Finals can see that Miami Heat's LeBron James has not been his usual self. His scoring is not up to par with his usual self.

Could this be a product of off the court drama?

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Internet rumors have surfaced claiming that LeBron's longtime girlfriend, Savanna Brinson, had an affair with Washington Wizards forward Rashard Lewis.

This comes a year after sources claimed that LeBron's then teammate Delonte West got intimate with LeBron's mother, Gloria.

My buddy has a place in Orlando ... and he lives among some athletes that live there. Needless to say he golfs, drinks, and parties with some of the best people in central Florida. So when word got to him while at the bar last night, he called me. Word got out while drinking with friends, that Rashard Lewis slept with Lebron's girl while visiting South Beach, someone who phoned in to 97.9 The Box claimed.

The incident allegedly happened while the Washington Wizards were in South Beach to play the Miami Heat.