The teenybopper world was sent into a tizzy when rumor spread that Selena Gomez and her pop star boyfriend Justin Bieber had broken up. Fortunately, those teenyboppers can rest easy. Rumors regarding a break up have been debunked.

It all started when Justin Bieber fans uncovered a tweet allegedly sent by the Boyfriend singer on May 17 that read: thank you for the time i had with you but i have to move on now.. The tweet was deleted from the superstar's account quickly after it was posted, but the fansite Justin Bieber Zone caught a screenshot via iPhone before it disappeared forever.

Selena Gomez deleted her Instagram account, which featured a collection of photos of the cute couple together. On May 16, Gomez posted a photo of her recent trip to a shooting range, firing off the gun in her hands, with the caption released some stress today. Gomez is filming The Getaway in Bulgaria with Ethan Hawke, accompanied by her mother. 

Bieber went solo to the 2012 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday. Fans were aghast when Bieber accepted his award for Top Social Artist of the year and forgot to thank Gomez in his speech. The Canadian singer gave a bit of a rambling speech, wherein he thanks his fans, Usher, his parents, God -- but no mention of girlfriend Selena Gomez, reported Zap2It. Last year, the couple attended the Billboard Music Awards together and showed some PDA for the cameras. 

These combined instances led fans to speculate that the couple had broken up after almost two years of dating.

But, all this evidence has proven to be bunk.

E! News spoke to sources close to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez who said that the couple is more in love than ever. The two plan on spending as much of the summer together as possible, as work has kept them apart recently. The two reportedly talk constantly and have been video chatting whenever each has a break in their respective busy schedules.

The I have to move on now said a tweet allegedly sent by Bieber -- the tweet that ignited the break-up-rumors frenzy, was proven to be a fake, sources told E! News.

E! News further reported that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will reunite around the Memorial Day weekend holiday. On May 20, the 19-year-old beauty tweeted, Last week of filming then back home. :)

The couple needs to get in some alone time this summer before Bieber's Believe tour kicks off on Sept. 29. The singer revealed to his Twitter fans Wednesday that he will be joined by Call Me Maybe poptart Carly Rae Jepsen. He announced on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that presale tickets will be available Thursday for American Express card holders and regular sale will open to the public on June 2.

Break up rumors, officially debunked.