A few days ago, the first trailer for Bruce Willis’ latest action outing, “Die Hard 5,” titled “A Good Day to Die Hard,” was released online. And while the trailer has some fans of the series excited for a new installment, plenty of critics believe the fifth “Die Hard” will simply likely drag the series down.

The trailer for “A Good Day to Die Hard” gives away little of the film’s plot, which reportedly involves John McClane traveling to Russia in order to save his adult son from terrorists.

While those plot beats aren’t revealed in the trailer, the promotional spot is full of plenty of shots of Russian buildings being blown up over music from the first “Die Hard.” The trailer’s sole line of dialog is Bruce Willis simply describing himself as “the 007 of Plainfield, New Jersey.”

However, while audiences have traditionally been excited for “Die Hard” films in the past, the reception for the first glimpse of “A Good Day to Die Hard” hasn’t exactly been the most positive.

Grantland’s Dan Silver, for instance, has had some particularly harsh things to say about the latest few entries in the “Die Hard” franchise.

“Die Hard is the Joan Rivers of film franchises,” Silver writes. “It’s had so much work done to it that 1988’s taut, straightforward, hardcore cat-and-mouse action thriller would gasp in horror if it ever saw what it would become in 2013. With each passing film, Die Hard’s kernels of plausibility and decorum seem to shrivel away.”

Even the Huffington Post says that the latest “Die Hard” installment “comes along with diminished expectations” after the disappointment of “Live Free or Die Hard.”

So will the next “Die Hard” be a flop or a success? Decide for yourself by watching the trailer below.