As debate continues in some cities around the country, Morris Communications’ regional subsidiary Fairway Outdoor Advertising unveiled its first digital billboard in South Carolina.

While advertisers aim to capitalize on the flexibility of the boards, some cities concerned about motorists' safety are considering the implications for the new types of ads, which could include flashy displays. Last week, officials in Des Moines, Iowa issued a 60-day moratorium on the construction and conversion of such signs, pending a study.

William S. Morris, president of the firm said the sign in Greensville is “the first of many digital billboards for Fairway, which specializes in the south east region of the United States. Morris says advertisers can change their message whenever they like. For example, restaurants can advertise different meals depending on the time of day.

The introduction from Morris follows a growing number of communications companies launching the new types of ads. Last October, one of the largest, Clear Channel Outdoor launched its billboards in Cleveland, Ohio.