The “Star Wars” universe is coming to Disney -- theme parks that is. And the home of Mickey Mouse will have to make room for some jedis and storm troopers.

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced the move to build “Star Wars” themed areas in its Disney Orlando and Anaheim parks during the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California on Saturday.

“We’re building a 14-acre 'Star Wars' land at Disneyland,” Iger said at the conference, according to Variety.

The attractions are expected to come with a number of features from the “Star Wars” universe, including characters, droids and beasts. The Disneyland attraction will also come with two spotlight attractions, including a ride where fans take the controls of the Millennium Falcon and another that drops attendees into the middle of a Star Wars battle.

While the Star Wars themed section of the park will be located at Disneyland Anaheim, it’s counterpart at Disneyworld Orlando will be located at its Hollywood Studios theme park.

In addition to announcing the Star Wars theme park sections, Disney also unveiled the cast of "Star Wars: Rogue One," a new film which takes the focus of the series from a space battles to an all-out ground war, according to Entertainment Weekly. Gareth Edwards ("Godzilla") will be directing the film, which started production in the U.K. this August. 

Castmembers include, Felicity Jones ("The Theory of Everything"), (Diego Luna ("Milk"), Forest Whitaker ("The Butler"), Alan Tudyk ("Firefly"), Riz Ahmed ("Nightcrawler"), Jian Wen ("Devils on the Doorstep"), Ben Mendelsohn ("Bloodline"), Mads Mikkelsen ("Casino Royale") and Donnie Yen ("Ip Man"). But it's not known what roles each actor will play at this time.