Brian Beletic, a director of music videos and commercials, will direct a Disney mountain-climbing movie inspired by its Matterhorn theme-park ride, TheWrap has confirmed.

Referred to now only as Untitled Explorers Project, it will mark the directorial feature-film debut for Beletic, who has made videos for Cee-Lo and Fatboy Slim, and commercials for Converse and Nike.

It's also the third movie to be named after a Disneyland ride, following Pirates of the Caribbean and Eddie Murphy's mostly forgettable Haunted Mansion.

An action-adventure, the plot revolves around a group of young adventurers who trek through the back country of the Pennine Alps, a mountain range in Europe where the Matterhorn is located. Each member of the group has a different skill set, and the adventure finds them snowboarding, mountaineering and extreme-skiing.