On Monday, CNN posted video footage sent from a passenger aboard a Disney ship, which shows the boat being flooded and massive shaking hammered by Hurricane Sandy.

According to CNN's iReport, user tneyedoc2020 and his wife embarked on a seven-day Disney cruise for a vacation. However, on Friday as it sailed through Miami, Fla., the ship experienced rocking and flooding from Hurricane Sandy as it made its way up the East Coast.

"There was a moment in the night where they ship tilted so far to the right that the furniture moved across our room. If you think about how far a thirteenth-story ship has to tilt for furniture to move, it says a lot," he told CNN iReport.

The video below was taken during the early evening hours on Friday. He said by midnight on Saturday, the ship was being tossed in many directions, with doors in the suite opening and closing rapidly. Two hours later, the passenger reported, the ship was being violently tossed from side-to-side, furniture went flying, and glassware shattered.

The Disney ship did dock safely severe hours later in Port Canaveral, Fla.

The passenger who captured the video said the captain and crew were sorry the cruise experienced rough patches caused by the storm on its sixth night, which was predicted to be less harsh. He said the captain announced over an intercom that passengers should stay in their cabins.

"The ship was rising and dropping into the water pretty dramatically; it was really startling at times," he told CNN. "But the crew was doing the best they could. Many crew members, some with over 10 years of experience on various ships, told us it was the worst night they have ever seen."

The user said Disney gave all passengers a 25 percent off discount for their next cruise.