According to Vulture, Disney is hot to remake one of its most dismal failures, "The Rocketeer." Back in 1991, the Joe Johnston ("Captain America: The First Avenger")-helmed comic book-style action film starred Billy Campbell and Timothy Dalton. The film was the story of a pilot who stumbles upon a flying suit hidden in his stunt-plane by gangsters who, in turn, stole the suit from the enigmatic Howard Hughes.

The "Iron Man" films are a loose take on the concept of Hughes mythology, as Tony Stark's father is somewhat an amalgam of both Howard Hughes and Walt Disney. Both "Iron Man" films feature Robert Downey Jr. in the lead, playing something of a huckster in the form of Tony Stark, with a strong dose of Steve Jobs thrown in for good measure. While the hero of "The Rocketeer" is no billion-dollar playboy, he is, in fact, a thrill seeker, much like Tony Stark, who finds that saving the day is the ultimate rush. Especially when it involves a flying suit.

Screen Rant asks whether or not Joe Johnston will return to the series, having helped usher in the Marvel on-screen universe. "Captain America: The First Avenger" owed a great deal to the "aw, shucks" stylings of Joe Johnston, known Spielberg collaborator and visual effects master. His particular adaptation of the 1940's Marvel superhero (and eventual leader of The Avengers), featured a desperate United States facing the growing Nazi threat during the height of World War Two. Johnston was a perfect pairing for the material, which included a young Howard Stark (the aforementioned father of "Iron Man") helping to develop technology and weaponry for Captain America and his campaign against The Red Skull.

Should Johnston return to "The Rocketeer," this could perhaps delay the start of filming on "Jurassic Park 4," a film Johnston was recently attached to, according to Screen Rant. While both "The Rocketeer" and "Jurassic Park 4" are in their early stages of development, one is set up at Disney, while the other is set up at Universal. Johnston has worked with both in the past, however; Disney owns Marvel who has stated Johnston won't be back for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," the follow-up to "The First Avenger." Johnston is currently filming "Not Safe For Work," a thriller about an office worker trapped in a building with a serial killer on the loose.

 "The Rocketeer," as a comic property, was recently published by IDW and has had a successful run, with news of a new film adaptation of the character, a resurgence in the comics is sure to happen.